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Black Pearl Records is very proud to present our new Disco compilation EP “DISCO DE:LIGHT” with songs by artists from Germany only!

On the A-side Black Pearl Records selected a few songs to present a cross-section of the german Zeitgeist from the classic 70 disco years to Cosmic Disco to NDW Synth Pop.

As a big special the track by the extra-ordinary West-Berlin Funk band „MODYVATION“ is a premiere and can be heard for the first time since it was recorded and put on ice in 1978.

On the B-side MUDEGG presents with “Disco Delight” a musical collage of only german Disco dub-parts, drum breakdowns, breaks, loops and interesting parts all combined in a 19 minutes homogeneous dance mix.

As Special Bonus comes 2 Reworks of Enzo Elia & Mudegg of C. Kreutzers NDW Disko Electro Hymne “Sie Hat Das, Was Dir Fehlt”.


Die Schwarze Perle erleuchtet den Disco Himmel mit einer grandiosen Auswahl aus west-deutschen Landen. Auf der ersten Seite gibt es einen Überblick über den Disko Zeitgeist jener Tage von klassicher Disco über Kosmischen Disco Klänge bis zu NDW Synthesizer Pop Musik.

Die zweite Seite ist eine gelunge sehr rhythmische Musikcollage mit ausschließlich deutschen Disco Exzerpten.

Als Spezial Bonus Material kommen Reworks von Enzo Elia & Mudegg von C. Kreutzers NDW Disko Electro Hymne “Sie Hat Das, Was Dir Fehlt”.


Black Pearl Records is more than proud to present the very timeless, beautiful but bittersweet Singer-Songwriter album of CLARA HILL.

Driven by a craving for spontaneity – to let her ideas Shine – and especially inspired by her travels, both earthly and spiritual, it’s an unusually contemplative record that’s also the first she’s written and produced alone. Conceived amid natural surroundings – from Mexico to Canada to Sicily – its idyllically acoustic, subtly psychedelic, sedately soulful folk largely eschews electronic embellishments in favour of a combination of reflective soul and the moods of 60s/70s Brazilian `tristeza´, making it an honest, instinctive, affecting expression of Hill’s voice at its purest. (Wyndham Wallace)


Die Schwarze Perle ist hocherfreut die Lokalmatadorin aus Berlin mit ihrem neusten und wohl besonderstem Schaffenswerk “Shine” den Musikliebhabern präsentieren zu können. Wunderschöne, zeitlose sowie bittersüße Singer-Songwriter Musik gewürzt mit viel Folk, etwas Soul, Jazz und psychedelischem Einfluss entstand hier während einer 3 jährigen Reise ins Innere und Äußere. Mit musikalischen Einflüsse aus Mexico, Kanada, Brasilien bis Sizilien entführt Clara Hill den aufmerksamen Hörer und lässt ihn spürbar mit auf Reisen in ferne Gefilde gehen. Tom & Roskow wünschen viel Freude und Gänsehaut beim hören !

Black Pearl Records is very proud to present the very timeless and
diverse club-music album “Alles Paletti!”, by the internationally recognised and well respected DJ & Producer Enzo Elia. A journey through cosmic & balearic Indiedance House to Disco and Dub music.


Die Schwarze Perle präsentiert ein zeitloses kosmisch-balearisches Meisterwerk des italienischen Wunderkindes Enzo Elia, voll mit Musik aus den Genres House, Disco, Dub und Chillwave.


The Black Pearl is very porud to announce and continue our little 7inch GDR / DDR / East Germany-series.
Two outstanding Soul & Funk tunes with a light Jazz & Rock touch, with never before released material on the B-side called “Früh”, by the east german TOP group from the early 70s arround Wolfgang Ziegler called “Gruppe WIR” •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Nicht nur eine prächtige zeitlose Grafik schmückt dieses Meisterwerk ostdeutscher Musikgeschichte. Inhaltlich glänzt diese Veröffentlichung durch 2 wundervoll soulige JazzFunk Titel aus den frühen 70er Jahren komponiert von Wolfgang Ziegler, vertextet von Jens Gerlach sowie eingespielt durch die stilsichere “Gruppe WIR” ! Wärmstens empholen von der Schwarzen Perle.

With this 2nd Rap music release, Black Pearl is very proud to continue our new Hip-Hop series with the freshest of the FRESH!
Legendary German Hip Hop-pioneer & Grandmaster MC ONOSIZO, founding member of the famous german group “Walkin´Large” delivers 4 fresh, but flavorwise widely ranging Rap tracks, from Boom Bap to Rhythm ´n Blues to Jazzy Hip Hop to Disco House.

The 4 track EP features several Berlin-based singers, instrumentalists & producers together with Onosizo, who had already big international successes & collaborations (like Jeru The Damaja) in the 90´s with his group WALKIN´ LARGE in Germany and worldwide.

Another smashing Island Pearl on 7inch Vinyl with two productions by Arnold Shuffler, the very famous disco boogie track “Love” with the singer Carla Fauche, and the totally killer unknown boogie synth funk tune “Something New” with the vocalist Sophia Subero under the production name WAVE FORM!

The Black Pearl is more than proud to present the classic “Love” and the totally unknown “Something New” two the island, disco, boogie synth funk & music-lovers community worldwide !

With this first Rap music release on Vinyl, Black Pearl is very proud to announce and open up our new Hip-Hop series!
Fresh 90s-flavored Rap sounds from the German capital by Berlin´s No. 1 beat-producer & sample-nerd Haadoob!

The record features two US and internationally known heavyweight MCs:
The A-Side of this 7″ release (in conjunction with Some Such Records) drops a feature with rhymespitter PSALM ONE from Chicago (Rapper Chicks / Nacrobats / Rhymesayers), who had a huge success with her last album “Flight Of The Wig” in 2019. The album was featured on Bandcamp as Album Of The Day

The B-Side comes with conscious rhymes delivered by New York / Brooklyn-based WORDSWORTH from the RAWKUS family (part of eMC, having collaborated with Masta Ace / A Tribe Called Quest / Black Star / J-Live and many more). Haadoob created two timeless funky-fresh killer boom-bap beats on a woke, conscious hip-hop tip. Grab these slick loop style 90s flavor Hip-Hop bangers, that will rock dancefloors worldwide!

So join the GANG and CHOOSE wisely !!!

First Vinyl 12inch extraction of MUDEGG´s forthcoming album on Black Pearl Records, with a varying handprinted art-cover.

Between genres like Classic House, Early Days Techno, 80´s & 90´s Library Sound, Loft Garage Disco, Melodic Synthesizer Music and a lilttle bit of “Dirt”, MUDEGG creates a unique blend of styles that is hard to reduce to one specific naming.

While “Who´s Hot?” reveales more the “darker side” of Mudegg, that shakes the dark dancefloor with heavy bass, “Light Riders” & “Skaphander” recalling more the 80´s & 90´s melodic synth library music with a proto-touch.

Listen and order here !


This video shows the screen-printing session at the Kühlhaus garage Görlitz. Helping hands from Australia : Big Love to Phil & Misha !!! Who´s Hot Remix Edition follows in 2020 on Black Pearl Records !

Watch here !

The Black Pearl-team is very proud to present the 3rd release in our 7inch Jazz vinyl-collector series from GDR / East Germany, with 4 never before released early 70´s jazz masterpieces of modern soul jazz, played by the East German Broadcast Big Band arround Günter “Guy” Gollasch.


“Luten” Petrowsky was a number-one-choice saxophon session musician, which played with many formations like Eberhard Weise, Saxophon All-Stars, Modern Soul Septett, Gruppe SOK, Klaus Lenz, Praque Europe Brass Selection, Manfred Krug’s Modern Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble Studio 4 and many more!

After leaving the very famous Manfred Ludwig Sextett-Formation in 1970, GDR star saxophonist Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky replaces Friedhelm Schönfeld as the first sax-member in the professional East Berlin Radio Orchester. This very special “Luden” sax-sound and his melodies in solistic parts, inspiriered H. Kretschzmer to write an outstanding jazz-composition dedicated to him, simply called “Luten”. An perfect opener for our dedication to this jazz giant and milestone in the East German Jazz and Beat scenery.
Furthermore we chose for this Mini Jazz EP two other masterpices by David Axelrod and H. Barum, re-arranged in a beautiful 70s jazz-vibe by the high talented arranger & composer of the Leipzig Big Band and informer member of the Eberhard Weise Orchestra, Henry Walther.
The 4th track is a wonderful deep and groovy arrangement by the polish star composer and vibraphonist Jerzy Milian, which had a lot of guest playings & recording sessions at the East-Berlin broadcast-studios & “Jazz at the chamber” in those days.

These already very good sounding recordings -because of radio-master-engineer Kurt Agt behind the mixing-desk and mastering works at the Black Pearl´s audio-studios Audiomoto & Faible Tonstudio – made it easy to create an outstanding sound pearl to the jazz connoisseurs´ ear.

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