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Posted by bestimmer On Juli - 17 - 2013

Two mates from Berlin finally fullfilled their dream of forming their own record label, sharing their musical knowledge gained through 20-years record digging experience – their ambition: to give people the opportunity to join this musical circle and to spread the great music they have and will discover.

As usual, it started all way back with the beginning of the hip-hop era and through the search for sampes and DJ-friendly tunes from old funk, soul and jazz records.

At first, US records were the most obvious choice, but this quickly spread to finding obscure records like those from West and East Germany, then later from East Europe, and finally global grooves and music.

As consumers of re-issues and rare groove compilations we were very often sad and unsatisfied with the quality of productions and of their musical content. That’s  why we decided to design and produce the records – especially the covers – in an old-fashioned and quality way. Good and rare music deserves high quality packaging. Our covers are handmade with this vintage surface feeling and haptics.

From our releases you can expect all the music that we love:

Rare grooves, funk, soul, jazz, psychedelic funk & beat, krautrock, singer songwriter and folky music, library music, soundtrack music, DJ- and producer-friendly music from Turkey and other oriental countries, India, Africa, Cuba, Brazil, East Germany, West Germany, Russia, Yugoslavia, and other East European Countries, and so on…

Compilations, original artist albums, limited collectable pressings, released and unreleased gems, unreleased archive material will be available on vinyl.



Roskow Kretschmann got in touch with music at the age of 14 by gay radio DJ legend Barry Graves and his Studio ´89 radio shows. Barry played lots of recorded Disco, Boogie, and Hip Hop-mixes from US-radiostations and put them on his own radio show.

Inspired by that, Roskow first tried to do edits with his tape-recorder and an old Monacor Mixer, but not much later at the age of 17 he bought his first sampler, the Emax 1 and an Atari computer with the Creator-sequencer program and started to produce music on his own.

He was heavy influenced by Electro Boogie, Rap & Hip Hop music at these times and so he started to produce music for his own band Rock Da Most (first hip hop release in 1988 from Germany) and other projects like: Young Guns, A Real Dope Thing, Spex, Cora E., Generated X-ed and others.

Because he was on the search for samples and new fresh sound sources, he started to dig for old funk, soul , jazz and other obscure records.

He was heavy influenced by this new „old“ music and at the age of 21 he started to leave Rap music and it´s musical dogmas behind and began to produce in different genres of club music with a soul, funk, world music and jazz influence.

The first project that came out into these new musical directions was called KOSMA “universal” (Infracom Records) in 1996 and another LP “new aspects” in 2005.

In 1995 he was a founding member of the group JAZZANOVA and became one of their producers, which received a big international reputation with lots of remixes and original tracks.

Apart from that he started in end of 90´s a club music project called INTEGA with his homie Matthias Hellwig, with the idea to produce effective club tunes in styles like 2step, garage, boogie, electro. they did lot´s of remixes and some original tunes. but after a few years of working they split up again.

In between he started to dj in a Berlin bar/club called Klub Der Republik with is own saturday night called „Recordkitchen“ and did lots of Jazzanova dj-gigs.

in 2005 he wanted to have his own club music solo project. the name was simply inspired by an old graffiti moniker that he uesd back in the days: SYGAIRE.

under this name he releases club music in the mixture that he likes, with influences like: boogie, modern soul, electro, rap, 80´s, afro, carribean, cuban, soul & funk music.

Music and records were always a very important topic to Roskow to expand his musical range, knowledge and view, and of course his record collection.