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A nice fiction of an East German radio show on youth channel DT 64 cutted by the Black Pearl DJ Team and sound collectors ! This is also a small preview for our next release of the supergoup “PANTA RHEI ” •••  the latest Black Pearl DJ Mix / Collage with many great and unknown JazzFunk / Soul / Rock / Psychedelic & Progressive tunes from the east germany era !!! Enjoy our special BREAKBEAT part in the middle of the mix, compiled only with Beats of the GDR republic !

Unsere Wunschvorstellung einer perfekten Radio Sendung für “junge Leute von heute” auf dem ehemaligen Jugendsender DT64 mit atemberaubender Musik aus der DDR ! Das Unterhaltungsteam “Schwarze Perle” collagierte hier aus eigener Sammlung einen DJ Mix mit vielen unentdeckten JazzFunk / Soul / Rock / Psychedelic & Progressiven Musikstücken aus der DDR, um unter anderem das bald erscheinende Album der Kultband PANTA RHEI auf Black Pearl Records anzukündingen.





HOLY SMOKES ! ••• DJ-Mix ✂ by Black Pearl Believers

Posted by tom On December - 12 - 2014

For the “holy” time of the year, we & our friend Ekki of Sonorama Records, put together a DJ-Mix with some of our favourite tracks & diggings.

It contains holy & xian music from all over the globe, like Germany, Italia, Spain, US, Caribbean, Israel, France and other countries….. a few classics, a few bizarre tunes, some discoveries and we hope you all enjoy the X-mas time, while having a listen to this “a -lil-different-spiritual-mix”.

This DJ Mix is of course for FREE DATA CONSUMING…… hope you enjoy !!!….. Black Pearl Records….. Tom & Roskow

Holy Smokes




Posted by roskow On July - 30 - 2014

A dj mix with nearly only WEST German records – and one from GDR / DDR because of it´s deepness and poetic lyrics – mostly fuzzy, funky, psychedelic Schlager tracks with a small druggy edge to it…… and of course breaks !!!

These are some recently diggings and some new discoveries, and one two classics of course.

This mix is dedicated to the other, more darker and psychedelic side of independent german Schlager music, with deeper, fresher and different lyrics, as Schlager from the entertainment-hitparade-market.

Please understand that there will be NO tracklisting !!!

This DJ Mix is of course for FREE DATA CONSUMING…… hope you enjoy !!!….. Black Pearl Records….. Tom & Roskow


Posted by roskow On April - 11 - 2014

To promote our new vinyl / digital soundtrack release “Das Mädchen von Hongkong” / “The Girl from Hongkong” on Black Pearl Records, we put some library spy psych funk action crime chaser scene monster cinematic breaks ultra fuzz tracks in a DJ-Mix together. Two tracks from that new release are featured in this dj-mix.

The record is available at our shop and we have 7 digital bonus tracks waiting for you !!!

Thanks for having a listen and hopefully you enjoy the sounds of chasing cars, guns & pistol shots, rockets & planes fly-by, crime scenes, gangster talkings in this mix here as much as we did while making it !!!



Posted by roskow On July - 18 - 2010

For our new release on Black Pearl Records, the Afro Funk album ABAHAMBI – “Freeway” and maybe because it´s summer, i thought the time is right to put some tracks together, that we digged recently on Tom´s & my digging tours and also one, two tracks from our digging trips with our mates Koolski of Brothers Rockwell & Ekki of Sonorama Records, some faves, some new discoveries, some classics, some rare stuff, that i´m very happy to present you in a mix format for your listening pleasure •••• tracks are from: trinidad, venezuela, brazil, cuba, germany, peruana, france, united kingdom, portugal, angola, somalia, mosambique, carribe, usa, etc.


Posted by roskow On July - 17 - 2010

A selection of some new diggs & discoveries, some classics and some of my favourite singer-songwriter tunes with a slight folky, jazzy, groovy, funky, psychedelic touch and with a song character, as i like it….. and thanks to Mr. Ekki of Sonorama Records !
Mix is for free download and i hope you enjoy it !!!


Posted by roskow On July - 15 - 2010

Some oriental, but western-music influenced psych, beat & funk tunes with nice breaks & grooves, lots of cheesy synths, nice fuzz e-saz, wah wah guitars, some sitar and crazy darbuka rhythms and folklore elements in the typical 4/4 and 3/4 rhythms….. some new discoveries & digs, some faves and some classics.
from turkey, iran, iraq, persia, france, brasil, germany, algeria, egypt, eritrea, arabia, lebanon etc.

Hope you enjoy the oriental mood & music, as i do!


Posted by roskow On July - 14 - 2010

A 2 hour Dj mix with the most beautiful soul, funk, rare groove, beat and psych black pearls from Cuba of the EGREM / Areito archive, to promote the brand new compilation RITMO CALIENTE on Black Pearl Records.
Some of the tunes from this dj-mix are available digital or on vinyl but there are a few other tracks, which are totally undiscovered in this mix here, just for your listening pleasure.


Posted by roskow On July - 13 - 2010

A disco dj mix of the project MUDEGG with lots of remastered, underground, private, obscure tracks, edits & some disco classics by german bands & projects only….. best of the bests, hottest of the hottests, sexiest of the sexiests tunes of Kraut Disco…… of course FREE DOWNLOAD…. comments are much appreciated and thanks for listening….. cheers !!!



Posted by roskow On July - 12 - 2010

A selection of modern soulish, funky & stompy tracks with a slight disco feel to it. Some new proto disco, cosmic, boogie, modern soul, gospel disco diggings and classics & edits by ourselfs in a mix for you to listen to !!!