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With this first Rap music release on Vinyl, Black Pearl is very proud to announce and open up our new Hip-Hop series!
Fresh 90s-flavored Rap sounds from the German capital by Berlin´s No. 1 beat-producer & sample-nerd Haadoob!

The record features two US and internationally known heavyweight MCs:
The A-Side of this 7″ release (in conjunction with Some Such Records) drops a feature with rhymespitter PSALM ONE from Chicago (Rapper Chicks / Nacrobats / Rhymesayers), who had a huge success with her last album “Flight Of The Wig” in 2019. The album was featured on Bandcamp as Album Of The Day

The B-Side comes with conscious rhymes delivered by New York / Brooklyn-based WORDSWORTH from the RAWKUS family (part of eMC, having collaborated with Masta Ace / A Tribe Called Quest / Black Star / J-Live and many more). Haadoob created two timeless funky-fresh killer boom-bap beats on a woke, conscious hip-hop tip. Grab these slick loop style 90s flavor Hip-Hop bangers, that will rock dancefloors worldwide!

So join the GANG and CHOOSE wisely !!!

First Vinyl 12inch extraction of MUDEGG´s forthcoming album on Black Pearl Records, with a varying handprinted art-cover.

Between genres like Classic House, Early Days Techno, 80´s & 90´s Library Sound, Loft Garage Disco, Melodic Synthesizer Music and a lilttle bit of “Dirt”, MUDEGG creates a unique blend of styles that is hard to reduce to one specific naming.

While “Who´s Hot?” reveales more the “darker side” of Mudegg, that shakes the dark dancefloor with heavy bass, “Light Riders” & “Skaphander” recalling more the 80´s & 90´s melodic synth library music with a proto-touch.

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Posted by tom On December - 21 - 2019

The Black Pearl-team is very proud to present the 3rd release in our 7inch Jazz vinyl-collector series from GDR / East Germany, with 4 never before released early 70´s jazz masterpieces of modern soul jazz, played by the East German Broadcast Big Band arround Günter “Guy” Gollasch.


“Luten” Petrowsky was a number-one-choice saxophon session musician, which played with many formations like Eberhard Weise, Saxophon All-Stars, Modern Soul Septett, Gruppe SOK, Klaus Lenz, Praque Europe Brass Selection, Manfred Krug’s Modern Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble Studio 4 and many more!

After leaving the very famous Manfred Ludwig Sextett-Formation in 1970, GDR star saxophonist Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky replaces Friedhelm Schönfeld as the first sax-member in the professional East Berlin Radio Orchester. This very special “Luden” sax-sound and his melodies in solistic parts, inspiriered H. Kretschzmer to write an outstanding jazz-composition dedicated to him, simply called “Luten”. An perfect opener for our dedication to this jazz giant and milestone in the East German Jazz and Beat scenery.
Furthermore we chose for this Mini Jazz EP two other masterpices by David Axelrod and H. Barum, re-arranged in a beautiful 70s jazz-vibe by the high talented arranger & composer of the Leipzig Big Band and informer member of the Eberhard Weise Orchestra, Henry Walther.
The 4th track is a wonderful deep and groovy arrangement by the polish star composer and vibraphonist Jerzy Milian, which had a lot of guest playings & recording sessions at the East-Berlin broadcast-studios & “Jazz at the chamber” in those days.

These already very good sounding recordings -because of radio-master-engineer Kurt Agt behind the mixing-desk and mastering works at the Black Pearl´s audio-studios Audiomoto & Faible Tonstudio – made it easy to create an outstanding sound pearl to the jazz connoisseurs´ ear.

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Posted by tom On December - 21 - 2019

The Black Pearl-team is more than proud to present this new 7inch 3-track EP, with music from the russian motion picture “Не болит голова у дятла” / Woodpeckers Don´t Get Headaches / Der Specht zerbricht sich nicht den Kopf” from 1974 by russian director Dinara Asanova.
This is the first vinyl release ever of these 3 russian previously unreleased soundtrack songs played by the great Drummer Vladimir Vasilkov and his Rock-Jazz Group, which are simply a MUST for collectors of Jazz-Funk scores.
Record comes in quality sound pressing, with mastered audio material taken from original master tape.

Comes in a wonderful, authentic and special old-fashioned thick cardboard cover with vintage haptics.

A very diverse & artistic russian movie with great russian jazz-funk music, that is straight influenced by american music of those days.
Simply a MUST for collectors of soundtracks and for the “KILLER FUNK-collector”.

Listen and order here !

Out now ••• Bosporus Bridges Volume III !!!

Posted by tom On April - 5 - 2019

A wide selection of rare Turkish funk, jazz, beat and psychedelic music from the 1970s. Listen and buy here !!!

This is the 3rd issue of the groundbreaking Bosporus Bridges compilation series, started in 2005 with Vol. 1 and continued in 2011 with Vol. 2.

High quality sound vinyl pressing and the cover is in a vintage thick cardborad 70´s style paper-sleeve.

PANTA RHEI • Leben !!!

Posted by tom On December - 29 - 2018

This wonderful Album of the supergroup PANTA RHEI on Black Pearl Records reflects an conglomerate of the musical works that the band recorded between 1972-1974. Among those tunes like “Prometheus” and “Hört”, which where high up at the radio charts at DT64, are two very outstanding & jazzy student music composition-works for the university called “Amygelius” & “Shigu”.

Dieses wundervolle Album der Supergruppe PANTA RHEI zieren 8 geniale musikalische Werke, welche in den Jahren 1972-1974 entstanden sind. Darunter befinden sich Titel wie “Prometheus” and “Hört”, welche im Entstehungszeitraum hohen Bakanntheitsgrad in den ostdeutschen Charts des Jugendsenders DT64 erlangten. Des Weiteren gibt es 2 großartige etwas freiere jazzige Aufnahmen “Amygelius” & “Shigu” zu hören, welche einst als Studienarbeiten bei Professor Heicking an der Musikhochschule Hanns Eisler entstanden.

The Black Pearl is very proud to present our new afro disco funk & dub 7inch with the Kenyan band THEM MUSHROOMS.

The A-side is a killer synth energetic driving disco funk tune, that simply invides everybody to the dancefloor.
The B-side features the reggae & dub side of this band with their deep dub tune “Tribute To Bob Marley”.


Die Schwarze Perle ist hocherfreut diesen atemberaubenden Disco Boogie Tanzflächenfüller “Mush-Dance” aus Kenia den Afro Disco Liebhabern noch einmal zugänglich zu machen. Die B-Seite reichert ein unglaublich deeper DUB Titel namens “Tribute To Bob Marley” für die Reggae Freunde an.

SAXOPHON SEXTETT • “8 + 10 / Elbnebel”

Posted by tom On October - 4 - 2018

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Ultra limited 2nd release in our 7inch Jazz series from GDR / East Germany, with two never before released jazz masterpeices of modern jazz.

The Saxophon Sextett with Friedhelm Schönfeld, as the band leader, delivers two oustanding modern jazz tunes from the end of the 60´s.

The A-side with “Acht Plus Zehn” features a wonderful modern bop jazz tune with a melancholic main theme. The B-side with “Elbnebel” is a beautiful melodramatic deep cinematic jazz composition.



Streng limitierte zweite Ausgabe aus der Reihe Experiment mit Jazz mit 2 bisher unveröffentlichten Meisterwerken ostdeutscher Modern Jazzgeschichte aus den Mittsechsiger Jahren. Uraufgeführt 1966 in Dresden mit einer  abgewandelten Rhythmusgruppe, spielten die schon beim Jazz via Dresden zu hörenden Jazzer vom Saxophon-Sextett insgesamt 10 Titel aus dem eigenen Repertoire. 1967 wurden die auf dieser Schallplatte zu hörenden Titel dann noch einmal beim Berliner Rundfunk eingespielt. Vertreten wurde Günter Kiesant am Schlagzeug durch Günter Sommer sowie am Bass Peter Sterzel durch Klaus Koch.
Die A Seite schmückt ein wundervolles Modern Bop Jazz Stück “Acht Plus Zehn”, komponiert von Volkmar Schmidt. Aus der Feder von Friedhelm Schönfeld zieht der wunderbar melodramatisch-sowie cinematische “Elbnebel” auf die B Seite dieser Schallplatte ein.



Ultra limited promo 12inch and 2nd extracted release of Enzo Elia´s forthcoming album “Alles Paletti !”, which will be released on Black Pearl Records later this year.

As a small bonus we have the very famous italian producer, DJ and jazz-musician DJ ROCCA playing flute on this release, and a MUDEGG Machine Dub Version for the “early-days-of-house-lovers”.

This killer loft garage acid-line dancefloor house bomb “Don´t Let It Go ! “ & the wonderful 90´s balearic & maritime sun down house floor filler “Pan-A-Rocca” with famous DJ ROCCA on flute have proofed already big dancfloor reactions worldwide.

Streng limitierte Promo Ausgabe der zweiten 12inch Veröffentlichung von Enzo Elia´s Album “Alles Paletti !”, welches Ende diesen Jahres auf der Schwarzen Perle erscheinen wird.
Die A Seite schmückt ein Killer Loft Garagen Tanzflächen Füller namens “Don´t Let It Go” !
Auf der B Seite gibt es einen extra Bonus ! Das wundervolle balearisch maritime Sonnenhouse Stück “Pan-A-Rocca” mit dem berühmten italienischen Jazz Musiker, DJ und Produzenten DJ Rocca.
Weiterhin gibt es eine Club Bombe im Remix Format, geformt durch das Black Pearl hauseigene Produzenten Duo MUDEGG.
Ein Garant für jeden Tanzabend im Stile einer frühen 90er Dub House Version !

Mighty Shadow Fontcover

Here is the limited 7inch vinyl edition of the uncredible electronic DiscoWave tune by
Mighty Shadow “Let´s get it together ” Vocal & Version on Black Pearl Records. Out now and available physically ! Black Pearl is very proud to continue there 7″ series with this amazing discoide Wave-Funk anthem by this phenomenal man from T&T.

Maybe one of the most outstanding & untypical island tune from Trinidad & Tobago, with a drum machine, an 80´s synth disco wave proto touch, yet still the typical island vibe shines through with the melancholic and wailing voice of Winston “The Mighty Shadow” Bailey, that makes this 1984 recorded song to an one of a kind tune from T&T.
This 7inch features the original & the Dub version together for the first time on vinyl.


Die Schwarze Perle ist hocherfreut ihre 7″ Vinyl Serie mit diesem Meilenstein karibischer Disco Wave Geschichte fortzusetzen.
Wahrscheinlich einer der herausragensten sowie untypischsten Songs aus T&T gefüllt mit Drums aus der Maschine und spektakulären Synthwellen, dazu die unverkennliche
Stimme mit kreolischem Akzent von Winston”The Mighty Shadow” Bailey. Ein exellenter, einmaliger und mitreißender Titel im zeitgenössisch jamaikanischen 80er Jahre Soundgewand.
Auf der B Seite erstrahlt eine bisher unveröffentlichte Dub Version des Titels.